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You’ve probably also wondered at some point what your clothing is actually made of. How and where it’s made. And under what conditions. But be honest: who of us can answer these questions? know your stuff can. 

The fair fashion platform makes it really easy for you to get to know your clothes better in the truest sense of the word – and before buying anything. Enjoy the good feeling of knowing what you’re wearing against your skin – with know your stuff, the platform for sustainable fashion.

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Learn more about how fibres are turned into fair fashion – and find out about the individual manufacturing stages

Synthetic, vegetable, animal, or a mix of these: find out what your clothing is made of  

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Learn more about how demanding fabric production actually is – and what techniques are used in it  

Discover how skilled hands and modern machines complete your garment 

Fair fashion comes from a feeling of responsibility and conviction.

Sustainability is a key subject of our time. And a key to the future. This applies across all areas of life – including textile manufacturing. In this area, maximum transparency throughout the entire garment supply chain is absolutely essential – from the fibre to the finished product.

Show that your brand stands for fair clothing. For supply chain transparency and sustainability. Become a know your stuff partner.
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What makes fashion sustainable?

The term “sustainable fashion” is used when clothing is produced in harmony with humans, animals, and nature.

The fabrics used are either derived from recycled materials or are grown organically. No or only a few chemicals are used to prepare and dye the fabrics, and far less water is used in their production than in the production of fast fashion.

In the production of sustainable fashion, fair work conditions are also an important factor. For example, that means no child labor.

With know your stuff, you can trace the entire manufacturing process of your clothing and find out whether and to what extent it was produced sustainably.

Why is sustainable fashion important?

The textile industry is responsible for a massive proportion of our annual CO2 emissions. At 1.2 billion tons of CO2 per year, it produces more CO2 than international flights and cruises combined.

Sustainable fashion, on the other hand, reduces CO2 emissions, protects resources, and also provides fair work conditions for workers in the textile industry.

So anyone who chooses sustainable fashion is protecting the environment and making sure that people in the textile industry can work in fair conditions.

With know your stuff, you can check to see if your purchase is sustainable.