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as diverse as can be, fibres can be man-made, natural from plants or grown by animals. due to this huge diversity it is exciting to learn about what type of fibres were used for your personal garment and especially how they were fostered. maybe your garment even comes with a blend of different fibres for your personal perfect feel? kys your shirt to learn more.

did you know that so many different manufacturing steps are involved on your garment’s journey? no? then it might be worthwhile to have a look at the process of spinning. the manufacturing step of turning fibre into yarn is highly industrialized and technologically advanced. various types of spinning or filament manufacturing are available to provide the perfectly matching yarn for your style. learn more? kys your shirt!

in this technically advanced step many different techniques are available, most of them have already been known for thousands of years. the most common ones for shirts, jumpers and dresses are different types of industrial knitting and weaving used for suits, scarfs, jackets only to mention a few. kys your shirt to learn more about the particular fabric making technique for your garment and find out who took care of this step.

now, this is where all the bits and pieces turn into your individual garment. deft hands and machines attach logos, sew leaves to corpuses and finalize your personal garment. the last manufacturing step cut & sew, which is also called garment making in the textile world, finalizes your product, packs your garment into boxes, attaches the know your stuff qr code and provides you an easy access to trace back the full journey.