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the product journey in detail



the actual soul of your garment. fibres can be natural or man-made. created by animals or plants and perfectly designed by nature or crafted by modern technology for your individual performance needs.

scan the qr code on your clothes to find out more about the fibres and their origin with know your stuff.



spinning and twisting your fibres into the very first component of your future garment. from traditional techniques up to state-of-the -art technology the foundation for the textile is laid at the process of spinning.

scan to learn more about where this production step took place for your clothes. meet the people, who created the yarn used in your clothes. 



knitting, weaving or wefting – these are only a few techniques how your fabric is eventually created in this process. what technique was used to create the fabric of your clothes? 

where and even more importantly who crafted it? thousands of years of expertise and know-how have flown into your piece of garment. scan and start the journey of your clothes.


cut & sew

the most labour-intensive production step of textile manufacturing. cutting the fabric into pieces, sewing it all together into your individual style and size, adding trims – all happens in this production step.

with know your stuff you can make sure that the working conditions and ecological parameters during the production process of your clothes fulfill high standards of social and ecological manufacturing.


how can i use "know your stuff"?

know your stuff was designed for the user. our focus has always been to provide an easy access for the consumer in the complex world of sustainable textile manufacturing. for us, this begins with the tool. in the store or online shop the consumer can simply scan the qr code and immediately arrives at the journey of the garment. no registration proecss or app download is required. we are offering an easy access to feeling good. 

how can i display my exisiting certificates on "know your stuff"?

many leading standards and certifications by 3rd party suppliers are available on the market.