Make your sustainability standards transparent

The platform for a sustainable supply chain

Consumers think differently today than they did a just few years ago. They value the positive feeling of wearing fair clothing – and so they attach increased importance to transparency along the entire supply chain.

That’s why sustainability is becoming more important in supply chain management too. With know your stuff, you’ll attract customers to your brand and create transparency throughout your supply chain.

Fair fashion made easy

From the fibre to the end product

Learn in the video why complete transparency in supply chain management creates real added value 


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Your advantages with know your stuff

Efficient supply chain management 

know your stuff ensures complete transparency along the supply chain, while highlighting improvement potentials and consistently achieving them 

Enhancing brand value 

know your stuff makes your involvement in sustainable clothing activities visible – which has a positive impact on your company’s image 

Total supply chain transparency  

know your stuff provides reliable answers to the who, what, where, and when in the production process of your clothing, and we respond to every question about the story of how your garments are created  


How do I use know your stuff?

know your stuff provides simple, direct access to the complex world of sustainable textile manufacturing.

Consumers can simply scan the QR code in the store or in the online shop, immediately showing them the journey the piece of clothing has taken – without having to download an app or register online. This is how know your stuff offers easy access to feeling good.

How can I integrate my existing certificates into know your stuff?

Lots of leading standards and certificates are already available on the market to help consumers make up their minds.

know your stuff isn’t about creating yet another new standard – it’s about making this information visible and doing it right where the customer needs it: when buying their clothes.

The certificates are supplemented with authentic photos and background information about the production companies involved – so customers can be informed on the spot about the history of their piece of clothing.